Solar For Commercial Properties

No matter how big or small your business is there are benefits from solar energy for everyone!. If you have a good range of roof space on your commercial property installing a solar PV system can be an extremely good investment as you will make money back in the long run as well as save money on your current electricity bills. It’s not just beneficial financially, you can also help the environment by reducing your carbon footprint.

With solar energy, you can secure your business’s future energy supply and you can also store energy to use at times where you have no power, etc power cuts.

Here at Genfit, we provide an outstanding service for commercial solar PV installations using proven high quality products.

You can check out some of our best commercial jobs by heading to our projects page ( but here is a video of one of our recent commercial jobs for Boys & Boden, Chester

Are Solar PV Systems Right For Your Business?

Most of the electricity businesses use is during the daytime as that’s the usual time when employees are working. This is why companies can save huge amounts on their electricity bills. No Maintenance costs come with solar panels as it is very unlikely that they will be damaged as they are on the roof where there should be no access. The only problem you could have with the solar panels is if bird droppings have landed on the panels but this is a very minor job you would need to do if it occurred.

High users of generated electricity can benefit the most. Staveley Mill Yard is a four-acre site comprised of over 20 retail and industrial units, in the center of Staveley village, it is situated near to both Kendal and Windermere and close to central Lake District. We installed a massive 1533 solar panels across various buildings and the overall power generated from the system worked out at 574.78 kWp.

It is estimated that this installation will produce about 1,500,000 kilowatt hours a day, but this does depend on how good the weather is. Staveley Mill Yard isn’t just in it for themselves as they are planning to give back to the local community and help the rest of the Staveley village by exporting energy back to the grid. They estimate that they only use 1,100,000 kwh of their solar production which leaves them with 400,000 kwh to export to the village.

We spoke with the owner of Staveley Mill Yard ‘David Brockbank’ after the installation and he gave us his views on the installation: “Excellent, everyone should be doing it. I would like Staveley to be carbon neutral by 2030”.

“The village benefits hugely from the solar energy exported to the village. It would be good if we calculated the village’s carbon footprint and then worked on reducing it. I would be happy to help and share our knowledge and experience”

As we have said before this is not just for big commercial operations. Small businesses can see a huge benefit financially as they can save large amounts of money on their energy bills.

E-Factor Properties – Grimsby Enterprise Village

The Enterprise Village is a lot smaller commercial job than Boys & Boden but has still seen the benefits in having a solar PV system. We spoke with Natalie Cresswell, Property & Operations Manager at E-Factor shortly after the installation and she had this to say: “We’re always looking at ways to enhance our tenancies and with forecasted increases in electricity prices, we knew we wanted to make further investments into sustainable, renewable energies. We’re committed to making the whole site more environmentally friendly, and this new installation will enable us to help protect our tenants against some of those increases in energy prices, as well as reducing their carbon footprint.”

Laser Red, an award-winning digital agency, have been tenants of The Enterprise Village since 2015 and they have seen a massive decrease in their electricity bills since the installation and their Managing Director, Liam O’Leary said: “We have an ever-expanding team who are all using different forms of technology from our office, whether they’re online or using video and photography equipment in our new media studio, it’s great that E-Factor has taken action. We are now starting to see the difference in electricity bills and it’s great to know that it’s helping the environment just as much.

See Project –

Financial Benefits

The main reason businesses look at turning to solar energy is for the financial benefits. At the moment solar PV systems deliver an electricity rate of around 5 pence per kWh which includes operations and maintenance costs. The difference between solar and the current grid supplied rate is around 10 pence as your looking at around 15 pence per unit.

So this means that in most cases your commercial solar PV system will return enough benefit to achieve a positive cash flow within 2 years when you cover the solar PV systems cost.

Your solar PV investment will rapidly cover its’ outlay, reduce your carbon footprint and, when your finance term is complete it will provide you with a sizeable portion of your energy solutions for free.

Carbon Footprint Benefits

Having a solar PV system for your business will massively reduce the amount of carbon footprint you are producing. This in the long run could give you a competitive edge over your competitors as they will still be getting exposed to the rise in electricity prices. Some of the clients we have completed jobs for have won over customers just based on their eco-friendly credentials. Staveley Mill Yard is working towards a carbon-neutral operation. Their 574.78 kWp solar PV system saves 110.82 tonnes of carbon emmisons every year and they are looking to increase this with another solar PV installation in the future.

The Rising Of Grid Supplied Electricity Costs

In the next decade, energy costs are predicted to double. Solar PV’s are a clever energy solution for commercial use that will effectively allow your business to forward-buy your electricity at a set price of around five pence per unit. So once you have your system in place your business will never have to worry about energy price rises again.

The UK is making a positive movement to meet more of its electricity demand with low cost renewable energy. The cost of grid supplied electricity is still driven by supply and demand. With fossil fuels being bad for the environment, there needs to be significant commercial and business investment in grid scale renewable generation, particularly to meet the significant demands that the growth in the use of electric vehicles. EV charging creates a massive demand for electricity as we will see in the years to come.

What Happen’s To Exported Electricity

Energy companies are usually looking to purchase excess electricity from businesses that are producing their own energy. Once you have met your energy requirements to run your business all you need to do is agree on a contract with an energy company. They will be eager to buy your green/clean energy at a wholesale rate, to then sell on to their customers at the prevailing retail rate.

Finances And Energy Production Of A Commercial PV System

The table above shows the different sizes of solar PV systems and the amount they would cost for an installation. But it also explains how much energy each system will usually produce which works out the stats and figures of how much money you will be saving having a PV rather than buying electricity from the grid. You make this money back on the cost of your installation over time as you can sell your exported energy to energy companies. The most important stat is how much difference solar energy costs as a percentage to grid price as you can see they are all nearly reaching 75% cheaper. If you have anymore questions about this table or want to find out more make sure you call us on 0344 567 9032 and we will be happy to help.

How We Design Our Solar PV Systems?

This is a short video showing the design process of how we create our solar PV systems on the Solar Edge Designer application. Hopefully, this shows an in-depth view of how we could create a PV system no matter how awkward your roof is to install on. We always want the best for our clients and always want the PV system to suit them best.

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