Benefits of Generation Fit:

1) Curriculum

Genfit covers most aspects of the Key Stage 1 and 2 curriculum.

2) Savings made

Eliminating the requirements to outsource costly external companies. Unlimited use for all year groups.

3) Minimal preparation

Ready prepared high quality P.E. session plans devised by an exercise professional. No gymnasium equipment is required, you will only require a speaker or audio device and some space, its great to use indoors or outdoors.

4) Fun

One of the main benefits is that children find the workouts fun, which is key in order to keep them engaged, yet the workouts are still challenging, innovative and physically demanding suiting all levels of ability.

5) Individual development

Enabling individual achievements to be recognized and monitoring their own performance and progression as well as others performance by taking part in the workouts as a whole team collectively. Helps Children engage a positive attitude towards exercise and with the hope they go on to lead a healthier lifestyle.

6) User friendly

Designed to support the Teacher deliver a quality session with confidence.

The workouts are easy to teach and the website is easy to use. Simply download the track, refresh yourself with visual demonstrations and print off the guide if needed.

7) Helps tackle childhood obesity

Integrating exercise as part of a lifestyle choice for children from an early start. Working to support the governments objectives to tackle childhood obesity a plan for action. The NHS website claims Worldwide over 22 million children under 5 are severely overweight so ideally we need to stop childhood obesity before it starts.

8) Improves cognitive development

These workouts stimulate the mind and body simultaneously and research suggests exercise helps improve concentration and behaviour in the classroom.

9) Various uses

Ideal for PE sessions, “Active 30 minutes” or to use at breakfast club or play times.

10) Physical Benefits

After being trialled and tested in Primary Schools teachers reported a noticeable improvement in a wide range of areas such as, an increase in stamina and general fitness levels, improvements in balance and co -ordination, improvements in motor skills through its imaginative design utilizing a variety of speeds and changes in directions and levels.