Generation Fit has been designed by an experienced exercise professional to support teachers in delivering high quality Physical Education sessions. This in response to a rise in childhood obesity and a recognition that some teachers need support, or lack confidence in teaching PE.


The workouts are easy for teachers to follow, requiring no planning or equipment.  Generation Fit provides Schools with a series of fun audio workouts, guiding teachers and children through a wide range of exercises which challenge them on a physical and cognitive level. All exercises are child friendly and linked to a specific theme, making PE a memorable and enjoyable experience for the pupils. This is in an aim to encourage children to live healthier lifestyles in the future by viewing exercise positively.


Teachers who have trialled Generation Fit were astounded with the impact that it had on each individual child, reporting that they saw significant improvements in children’s concentration levels, stamina and resilience. Georgina Brooker, a school teacher from Preston said “I felt confident in delivering the workouts due to the timings provided and the online video tutorials delivered by Alistair, the founder of Generation Fit. I also noticed that pupils, who had previously been unmotivated in PE, found the whole experience enjoyable and were continuously challenging themselves” Not only is Generation Fit designed to increase the amount of exercise in the school day, it can help pupils refocus, reenergize and even calm down, which can help pupils learn more efficiently.


The workouts cover aspects of the key stage 1 and 2 curriculum and have taken into account findings from recent Ofsted reports, which suggest PE does not always challenge children to achieve their fullest potential. Our exercise workouts are short and timed, which helps teachers with planning their sessions. They are also very effective and focus on increasing:

  • Children’s heart rate
  • Strength
  • Balance
  • Co-ordination
  • Agility


When Schools join Generation Fit, they join a community. Not only offering a guidance for Teachers, a fun, social environment for children to offer suggestions of new exercises.

Teachers who require further support can book onto our additional support courses (see training courses for more details). Each School that subscribes to Generation Fit will have their own user ID to access the members area of the website. Contained within the website will be the workout audio file for download, together with the exercise demonstration video and a printable workout guide.

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